The varieties of our citrus fruit

A large fruit, thin peel, intense orange colour with red hints on over the half the surface. Intense orange pulp with good anthocyan pigmentation. Average juiciness, very high vitamin C content – it can reach 90mg/100cc – and excellent taste. Pulp with seeds
Medium size fruit, medium thickness peel, has medium grained or fine-medium grained surfaces, with red/purple pigmented areas when very ripe. Seedless pulp, dark red colour, especially in the top part, where the first anthocyan veinings appear, even in oranges which still appear a bit green. Juices well and has a pleasing taste.
p_0003 Sanguinello
Medium size fruit. Medium tender pulp, orange in colour with numerous blood-red speckles, very juicy, medium or high sugar level. Almost seedless.
Medium-sized fruit with light orange colour skin.
Large or medium size fruit, spheroidal shape with intense orange colour peel. Uniformly orange pulp, not very juicy, medium sugar level, seedless.
Valencia Late
Medium size fruit, light orange peel. Yellow-orange pulp, very juicy with high sugar content, almost seedless.
This fruit is very like the mandarin: the main differences can be found in the colour of the pulp which is a stronger orange colour.
Medium size, this fruit is characterized by its scented orange peel, which does not cling to the pulp. Yellow, juicy pulp, contains a lot of sugar.