Although the operational area of the O.P. (Organization of producers), extends by statute over the whole of Italy, in actual fact it is limited to the region of Sicily. There are 255 producers in Catania, Enna, Siracusa and Ragusa who adhere to the OP either directly or through the co-operative. Red Co.P. is managed by a board of administration comprising three members elected by the assembly of the partners. At the moment, these three members are:

  • Leonardo Michele (Chairman);
  • Restuccia Stefano (Deputy Chairman);
  • Marino Maria (Councillor).

There is also a board of auditors who are also nominated by the assembly of partners. The current elements are:

  • Mr. Distefano Francesco – Chairman. Auditor;
  • Mr. Erico Li Rossi – Sindaco Standing Auditor;
  • Mr. Carmelo Lombardo – Sindaco Standing Auditor;
  • Mr. Scalone Giovanni Maria Luigi – Substitute Auditor;
  • Mr. Gaetano Spedaleri – Sindaco Substitute Auditor.
Name of Partner
Head office
N.of members
Estimatet predicted amount (q)
Soc.Coop.Sublima a r.l Via Palermo 251/B Palagonia(CT) 152
Coop.Agr. Esperidia a r.l. Via Napoli 36 Palagonia(CT) 22
Coop. Agr. Tre Stelle a r.l. Via Palermo 251 Palagonia(CT) 59
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