Practical aspects

Distribution is directly taken care of by O.P. who deal with transporting the products at a constant temperature and make sure they arrive quickly at your sales points without undergoing any change in quality. Besides, Red Co.P has some service contracts with some specialized transport firms with delivery times that go from 24-36 hours in northern Italy and 48 hours for northern Europe. These transport companies are certified, equipped with HACCP manual and adhere to law 26/97, n. 155. The vehicles are equipped for ATP transport, that is transport for perishable foodstuffs at a controlled temperature. Therefore, also during transport, Red Co.P guarantees its clients the quality of the product thanks to high standards of hygiene and regular checks of the refrigerating system.

Technical information

Commercial premises: 1
Packaging premises: 3
Administrative and commercial offices: 400 mq.
Refrigeration plant: 3.500 mc.
Selection and calibrating (gauging): 400 (of which 250 is complete product and 150 of biological product)
Total covered surface area: 8.800 mq.
Total uncovered surface area: 55.000 mq.
Means of transport: 6 road tractors; 15 Semitrailers; 14 lorries used for the harvest.


Sector Permanent Staff Seasonal Staff
Administration: 8 3
Marketing: 4 2
Technical assistance: 6 3
Warehouse: 3 90
Field workers: 0 180