Quality control

In order to guarantee a high standard of quality, Red Co.P has put into operation a quality control system in different phases: during cultivation, picking, processing and packaging.
The partners are constantly assisted by Red Co.P technicians who operate a sampling procedure for laboratory analysis. There are three kinds of tests:

analysis of multi-residues of [...]

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The varieties of our citrus fruit

A large fruit, thin peel, intense orange colour with red hints on over the half the surface. Intense orange pulp with good anthocyan pigmentation. Average juiciness, very high vitamin C content – it can reach 90mg/100cc – and excellent taste. Pulp with seeds

Medium size [...]

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The red oranges of Sicily

First introduced into Sicily by the Arabs, there is a long tradition of the cultivation of citrus fruit in Sicily. In particular, over the years, the plain and hills to the south of Mt. Etna have specialized in the cultivation of pigmented oranges. The remarkable temperature range [...]

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